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This page was written in February 2008.  For a more up-to-date analysis (as of June 2011) of the things that make up home schooling and the frequently asked questions about home schooling, please head here: Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling.

Please read this disclaimer before reading further:

I promised our readers (family, friends and strangers from far-off places) that I would start to outline the reasons we decided to homeschool.  But, before I start, I want to put out this “disclaimer” of sorts.  You see, too often opinions come across as judgemental.  Especially mine!  So, before I even start down that road here is something to bear in mind whenever you read a “why we homeschool” type post….

Despite the fact that we clearly favour homeschooling, we do not believe that other families are inferior, unloving, stupid, wrong or lazy to place their children in regular (whether private or public) schools.  We assume that most families have considered the options and have made a careful and informed decision as to where they want their kids schooled.  We also understand that homeschooling is just not possible for some families for various reasons – just as some families really are in a position where both parents have to work.  The choice of where you school your kids is a CHOICE that each family has the right and duty to make on their own without having to feel that others look down upon them.

To our Christian readers: although our convictions about homeschooling also do have some biblical roots, we do not believe that homeschooling is a biblical mandate that all Christians should follow.  This is definitely not a “right-wrong” decision, although we do believe that it oftentimes fits into the “wise-unwise” bracket.  At the end of the day, homeschooling is a disputable issue.  So, once we’ve all had our say and all opinions have been aired, it is up to us to continue loving one another as Christ loves us, not judging each other for the decisions we’ve made about such disputable issues.

So, whenever you read our opinions on this matter – no matter how strongly they come across nor how heartfelt they are – please know that we KNOW that these are just opinions at the end of the day.  Although we’d love for others to catch the homeschooling bug, we will continue to respect your decision and be interested in the progress your kids make at school.  And we’ll still love you!  We ask only that you also still love us, respect our decision and be interested in the progress our kids make at home.  Fair enough?  Hope so!

NEW! (UPDATED OCT 2011)!  I’ve finally written the post that details the path to our decision to homeschool.  Follow this link: Our homeschooling journey… how we got here.  

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If you are feeling rather critical of the homeschooling movement, for whatever reason, perhaps this next link is worth reading; at least to be able to understand the alienation homeschooling families often feel when the majority of their peers have chosen a different path.  This post reflects some of our (and particularly my) innermost struggles with the prejudice we’ve experienced in the little time that we’ve walked this path.

Judging our decision

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