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Tonight I planned to make bobotie.  I don’t make it often, so google comes in handy for the exact ingredients.  This evening, tho, my recipe came to me!  My phone is my main googling device.  But before I could google, my feed picked up the latest Spatula magazine’s post.  Would you believe it?  A bobotie recipe!  And a lucky draw to boot!  Simply, make the recipe with friends (kids included!), take a pic and send it to them and you’re entered in the draw for the Enkosi Cookathon.  I like, I like!  Plus, the recipe just happens to be an Ina Parman recipe.  Around here, our favourite Ina Parman product – namely the Garlic and Herb seasoning – is simply referred to as “Ina”.  As in:

“Would you like some Ina with that?”

“Where’s the Ina?”

“I need Ina in this!”

You get the picture.

I figured that following the Spatula Cookathon for this recipe would be easy enough, given that I had all the essential ingredients – namely 1x camera (iPhone), 3x willing friends aka my minichefs, 1x all the bobotie ingredients give or take and 1xsuiwer South African Mango Groove playing loudly on the iPod.  So off we went!  And it was fun 🙂

Sautéing and frying and lots of garlic got us started…


Katie added all our spices 🙂


We ran out of Ina though.  Great sadness!  We couldn’t add it to the top layer as a result.


But never fear – it’s on my grocery list notepad!


This bobotie recipe calls for ingredients I’ve never used in a bobotie before – namely, grated apple!  A hit with the husband, it was.


Micah was our official stock mixer.  Ina Parman Chicken Stock is another staple in our house.  So much so we buy it in bulk and keep it in the freezer.


This recipe calls for the bread to be soaked in the stock.  I’m used to the “soak it in milk” bobotie varieties, but this was yum yum!


Most other bobotie recipes call for raisins of some kind or another.  Not this recipe.  But… but… but… We LOVE raisins!  (insert whiny tone here).  Yes, well, we do.


So a handful of them slipped into our final mix…


Because we didn’t have any more of our favourite Ina for the topping (another interesting twist, the recipe calls for a heavy milk product, so we used yoghurt, instead of the conventional milk) we opted for a few other spices.  And, because I mixed it in the same jug that I measured the grated carrot in, without cleaning it first, it added a lovely swirly carrot effect.  Well, we will stick with that interpretation anyway.  And not that “Taryn was lazy” version.  Here it is: unbaked…


And, baked…


And finally – on the plate!  Yum yum!  I served it with brown rice, pumpkin done Safrican style (aka mashed with brown sugar and cinnamon – super healthy, I know, I know) and a real healthy salad.


Verdict?  Yum yum!

Thanks Yuppiechef for inspiring our supper tonight.  We had fun!

Minichefs – a debut of fun

All the minichef fun we’ve been having lately has stepped up a bit with my first full contribution to the Spatula magazine’s minichef series! 

As you know, the Hayes kidlets, along with the Smith boys, are part of the pioneering Minichefs – the Minichef "Originals" if you like ;-)  Debbie, wife extraordinaire of Yuppiechef MD, Andrew, is also my neighbour (6 doors down!) and sweet friend.  So of course when she invited us to join her and her boys for the first minichef session, we were all very keen.  We’ve not looked back!  We’ve loved getting to know Marina, their marketing manager, amongst other important titles, and also our official photographer and blog post writer.

This past week, Debbie introduced the idea of doing their family’s pretend pizza fun for the minichef post.  The catch?  I get to write it up.  Of course, that’s no catch for me, since I am the stereotypical blogger – camera in hand and all that jazz.  And that means, obviously, that I’m excited to share this with you!   You’ll have to head to Spatula, the AWESOME online foodie magazine from Yuppichef for the full thing, of course.  So…

… click here for the latest Minichef extravanganza: Pretend Pizza.


Minichefs at the Mount Nelson

mini Minichefs

At the foot of the majestic Table Mountain is the equally majestic Grand Old Lady:  The Mount Nelson.  A hotel of yester-year’s grandeur and tomorrow’s pride, today it is a luxurious haven for overseas visitors and wealthy locals too. 

For most of us, it’s the Pink Lady – the landmark by which we follow directions into the maze of mingling roads to the centre of town; the building we point out to visitors as we pass by.  Today, it was Minichef Heaven!  mini and master chefs at work

A couple of weeks ago, Spatula mag together with Cape Town Kids offered budding minichefs across Cape Town the awesome opportunity to chef with the best.  Yip: the Mount Nelson was to be Minichefs’ grand and gracious host!  Under the expert guidance of executive chef, Rudi Liebenberg nogal!  It was an "Enter your minichef’s name into the draw and you could win" affair.  And so 12 little minichefs between 6 and 12 years old scored an awesome making and baking opportunity at the Mount Nelson.

It was a morning packed with fun fun fun.  Kitted out with chef hats and aprons the kids got down to business.  Under Rudi and his assistant chefs’ guidance, the children baked chocolate cakes, decorated them with a mountain of goodies, enjoyed a lunch of pizza and milkshakes and went home filled to the brim with food and a good experience.

You can get all the details of their fun and games at Spatula.  Head over there to get the rich moist easy chocolate cake recipe to bake with your own kids and see all the professional pics.

In the meantime, I’ll share a few of my photos from my cranky camera:

Let the games begin:

let the games begin!

That momentary pause in the frenzied activity of baking…

a serious pause in the frenzied activity

Not everyone was quite tall enough…

those little legs 

Serious business this, as Merrick proves.

Minicheffing is serious business!

Ok, maybe not that serious!

IMG_4605 IMG_4666

Chef Kiera


A dedicated chef – this guy has won super duper cheffing awards and is going places!


He’s also awesome with the kids!

minicheffing with the master chefs 

Marina our official photographer extraordinaire. 


And oh, oh, oh!  The results…




After all that hard work, the kids were treated to a special pizza lunch at the chef’s table in the heart of the kitchen.  What was on the menu?  Any pizza of their choice!  What privilege!  What adventure!  What topping delights will they choose?  Salami, brie and sliced fig, perhaps?  Chicken, green pepper and mushroom with sundried tomatoes?  What?  Just cheese and bacon all round? 

It really did amount to about that! Good ol’ standard pizza choices for most of the kids, with one or two braving more than one extra ingredient.  Dare I say that Katie was the only one who ordered extra?  It was the only one with green stuff on it, certainly.  Mouth watering slices of green avo.  Mmm-mm!




Finally, it was home time.  (Not before scoffing all the wonderful delicacies on offer for the parental types!) Our minichefs headed back over the mountain, balancing cake boxes and pizza and …


… a super fun certificate "we were here!"


Not quite sure what to do with our FOUR chocolate cakes between us, Debbie and her boys suggested that we all head to the Yuppiechef offices to share our fare with the guys behind our morning of fun.  So off we went and did just that…



What a treat for us.  Kiera was amazed to see that our beloved Marina actually works for Yuppiechef.  Not sure where she was when we’ve talked about that!  I guess little ears don’t listen to every adult conversation!  Nathan and Jake got to show their friends their daddy’s office – every kid’s moment of pride.  IMG_4743Micah and Sam were thrilled to be included.  Not too young to consume their sisters’ cakes with great glee or enjoy snorting like piggies from the delightful pink piggy cups (after downing the Milo it contained, of course).

Nathan took his role as chief cake cutter very seriously.  Well done, Nathan!


Four satisfied Hayes kidlets – enjoying the yuppie fare.  Mmm-mmm!



A lovely day, indeed!  Finished off with a play on the jungle gyms nearby and a lovely relaxed chat time for us moms.  It’s been ages since we’ve enjoyed such a solid day of fun and relaxation.  I felt re-energised!  Thank you Spatula and the Yuppiechef team!

More photos can be found at Spatula’s Facebook page and at their blog post.  Or head to my Picasa album to add your own pics.

Butternut fritter fun

We had yummy home made butternut soup last night made in my wonderful pressure cooker 🙂 I love that machine. Really really love it. I probably should have therapy about this love connection. The excitement about all the awesome things it can do is quite possibly overkill for a kitchen appliance. But it’s true. I do.

I also digress. The reason for this post is not so much about the awesome wonders of my pressure cooker but more about the awesome soup it made. The kids loved it. Craig did too. And so did I. That’s a success in my books.

What was not a success is my forgetting the rest of it in the pressure cooker on ‘keep warm’ all night. So my yummy soup was yummy sludge the next day.

Reluctant to toss perfectly good food, but aware that it wasn’t going to reconstitute into a smooth soup anytime soon, I decided to turn it into …


I used to have the most delicious pumpkin fritters made by the culinary whizz, Dolores, as a child. I remember drooling while I watched her expertly flip these heart attack patties over in the frying pan. It can’t be difficult surely?

It wasn’t. This link: easy pumpkin fritters got me started. Since my starter was a little more than just the butternut squash, having been soup to start (and therefore also containing chicken stock, potato and carrot), I doubled the egg and flour.
Here’s the step-by-step:

Mushy ingredients all mixed together.

Drop and fry in 1cm of oil.

Turn over and fry the other side:20110629-185010.jpg
Voila! The most delicious butternut fritters well sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
Not the healthiest preparation of butternut but certainly a great soup saver! And it was a huge hit with the family.

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