Part of the Sonlight curriculum is Bible time.  We’re assigned a chapter or portion from the bible to read everyday.  We’ve also been assigned a verse to remember per week.  We started off the year well and managed to learn Psalm 1 off pat.  But then we faltered, stumbled and fell into the memorisation-less mire. 

Recently, I decided it was time we got going with it again.  I like the many benefits of having scripture memorised and really would like to make it more of a habit in our day.  If only I weren’t so fickle in the execution! 

To keep us going this time, I’ve written our memory verse up on our fridge and we’ve been practising it over our breakfast.  At random times during the day, I’ve been pointing to one of the kids and starting the verse for them.  They love these impromptu pop quizzes!  It’s quite cute watching their little faces screw up in concentration as they try to remember the words of an unfamiliar verse.  Sam has been particularly enthusiastic – he’s finally at that age when he can remember the verses well enough to say them on his own.  But he’s also at that age where his lispy voice, and his tendency to pronounce "th"s as "f"s make him come across as super cute!

We reviewed the last three weeks verses on video this morning.  Like most kids, performing for the camera brings out new levels of enthusiasm!  And in this case, that helps along the learning process!  Here is Sam’s rendition of Joshua 1:9 – unfortunately his sisters were distracting him quite a bit, so we don’t get the best idea of how he says it, which is really cute!  But, this is pretty cute too 🙂

Do you have some fun bible memorisation tricks or activities to share?  Please give us some more ideas or links!  We’d love to hear how you do things in your home!

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