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Around about January this year, Micah – our gorgeous blonde-surfer-curl 4 year old decided that he now wanted to have short hair.  For the first four years of his life, he didn’t want his hair cut.  If we suggested it, he would shake his sweet curls vehemently and say, “No! I like my curls!”  But, to keep those wayward springs from morphing into Mark Lottering-esque-ness, I’d have to spray his hair each morning with water and then comb out the knots.  Not Micah’s favourite activity.  Understandably.  So, when Mr Micah discovered that his good (and short-haired) friend, Ben, never had to brush his hair, Mr Micah decided it was time to lop the locks.

I had always said that I would cut Micah’s hair short when he wanted it short, but until then, I was content to enjoy his gorgeous curls.  When the months passed with Micah insisting that that was the route he wanted to go, I was faced with the choice.  Lop or leave?  Since I had kinda promised, I agreed – despite the sad-mommy-heart moment.  But, I did set out one condition… we’d do it after a family photo shoot we had planned later in the month. 

Because, I wanted those gorgeous curls preserved for eternity in photo form…

And thanks to Susie Harris-Leblond’s superb photographic skills, we have some gorgeous photos of Mr Micah and his curls…

Susie Leblond-6134

Susie Leblond-6555

Susie Leblond-6633

Susie Leblond-7513

Susie Leblond-7845

Knowing that we would be chopping Micah’s locks the next day, I figured that it was time to give Sam a good chop too.  He hates haircuts, and I hate the regular trim required to keep it the length he likes.  So, we made a deal.  Cut it really short now and then we don’t have to chop it for maybe even a year.  A whole year free of the dreaded haircut?  Sam was game. 

Thankfully, we have photos of his sweet longer hairstyle too…

Susie Leblond-7881

Susie Leblond-6125

Susie Leblond-6338

So cute. 

And then – it was chop time.  Two rather excited boys posed for these before shots:



Boy #1 – before… Ahhhhhh!!!  (hmm, and chocolate-eating evidence on those molars there!)


After – all gone!  Ahhhhh!


This dude was NOT impressed.  He immediately missed his longer hair.  Sorry bud.  Hair grows back.


A little while later – not the best haircuts thanks to my ancient clippers that hacked its way through their locks.  Note to self – find a place to get ’em sharpened. 


Hair or no hair, Micah is still his crazy self.  And, if truth be told, his short hairstyle better suits his thuggish personality.  Crazy kid!


hair today, gone tomorrow

It was time.  Despite how much I loved Micah’s gorgeous blonde curls, it was time. 


So, we did it.  And it was agonising seeing those gorgeous blonde curls drop to the floor with each snip!


Snip.  Snip.


This little boy was not in the least bit perturbed.



Even with all the face-squashing.


And fringe cutting


He just sat like a good little boy he usually is not…


And loved all the oohing and aahing.


And even the blow dry.


And grinned at his new self.  While I watched with pangs of sadness – no more curls?


No – they’re still there.  Albeit little ones.  Albeit no longer surfer-blonde.


But he loves it.  And hair grows.  🙂


So for now, we’re putting up with the Julie Andrews’s Sound of Music hairstyle…


And loving all his cuteness all the same.

Micah is 3!


Funny how when my firstborn turned three she was so grown up.  No more nappies, dummies, or day time naps … and yet, dressing herself and speaking clearly.  At least, that’s what I remember.  But my youngest is quite the opposite – still in nappies at night, dummy is still his great love, despite being restricted to lunch time sleep only, and his daytime naps are still a integral feature to his day, both for his sake and mine!  He could dress himself at a push, but he would rather mom or sisters do the honours.  And his speech is just like most three olds – peppered with adorable mispronunciations. 

In fact, his mispronunciations have become our family words.  I doubt we’ll ever call a "rhino-noc-ious" by its real name again.  "Bubbles" are "gubbles" and when they bubble over, they’re "gubbling".   No one can feel ill to stomach without being asked if they need to "bomit".  Of course, that may be the case if they’ve had too many "straw-ee-babies". 

My little Micah is growing up too fast, despite being my most babied three-year old.  We love his quirky funniness.  He is the master of facial manipulation – contorting his expressions to coax the response he wants.  His cutest is without a doubt the one that accompanies a little shrug of his shoulders, hands outstretched as if to say, "I dunno"  He stares up at us from under his eyelashes with a naughty twinkle in his eyes and a smile twisting at his lips.  It’s his official, "I’m not sure what to say right now, so I’ll just look cute".  More common is the wide wailing screwed up eyes that accompanies piercing screams of … pain, anger, frustration, defeat, tiredness – you name it.  My favourite is the one that shouts "I’ve done something very very naughty, but I’m going to try really really hard to pretend that all is normal!"  The accompaniment in this case are the two little hands clasped firmly behind his back.  Eyes wide in anticipated alarm, he is almost too cute to punish.  Almost but for the fact that he is usually the instigator when it comes to his brother’s piercing shrieks. 

Micah is a hooligan.  He is three going on seven.  I suspect it is a Last Child Syndrome thing that has the youngest kid looking at all his older siblings and thinking that he is one of them.  And if they dare to treat him otherwise, he will "sock ’em one" (or two).  Or bite.  Or scratch.  Despite never having learned such behaviour from them, Micah seems to think it is entirely appropriate to fight dirty.  Happily, we’ve seen a significant lessening in the biting and scratching department.  Although, sadly, I can’t say the same for the socking….


If ever there was a wild boy in our midst, it’s Micah.  Sam’s own typically "boy" behaviour pales in comparison to Micah’s death defying ways.  Try attempting to go rock climbing over the wall of a five metre sheer drop in gusty conditions on for size.  Or throwing himself off the edge of the pool from as soon as he could stand.  Daily he tries one thing or another that involves danger.  And if it’s not danger in itself, it’s at least the facade of one – whether dressed as a knight or pirate or brandishing any gun-like object, Micah will adopt his fiercest snarl and narrowed eyes, all while muttering ominously beneath his breath.

Guns.  Yes.  *sigh*  I’ve never invited these things into my home.  Never bought them for my kids or shown them.  But somewhere, somehow, they have learned about it and so, like many boys across the globe, just about any object is creatively utilised in the next pretend war game.  They’ve even perfected the stutter of a machine gun. 

Despite his aggressive show, he is still our precious boy who loves to pray and insists on bibles stories being read every night, even when mom and dad are feeling too tired!  He would like to be the sole commander of grace at meals – "I say grace!" And is our constant reminder if we ever forget.  He is the one who is determined never to be left out of any baking that happens in our home – he is my most adept 3-year old when it comes to the electric egg beaters!  He adores his little friends, most especially Jemma T – giving Sam a run for his money.  And he just love goofing around, be it by grinning orange segments at us or piling on the bubble bath and posing for the pictures or simply pulling his famous "kermit the frog" look (see below), he has us in stitches.


Dear Micah-Moo – we love you soooo very much!  Everything about you.  From all the above to… your sweet blonde curls that give you that cool surfer-dude look on good days, or that powder puff look of the 70s – a mini Andre Rieu, perhaps?  Even then, we love them.  Your blue eyes that delight to stare deep into our own – especially with dad or mom’s face firmly clasped between your chubby hands.  Your adorable dancing and singing acts when you think no one is looking.  And the sweet slumbering boy over whom I pray Micah 6:8 …

He has shown you O man what is good.  What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with our Lord. 


We thank the Lord for you, dear Micah.  A blessing indeed!

At the doctor

Kiera has been struggling with a cold for over a month now. Horrible post nasal cough and such. Usually the kids bounce back from illness quickly. We never run out of med savings as we hardly ever visit the doc. But with all the kids in one stage of illness or another, and with Kiera’s cold lingering and the holidays coming up soon, not to mention the ear ache that kept her up all night – well it was time for a doc visit.

With all four kids in tow, it was a little like an assembly line of ear, nose and throat checking!

All the kids got a chance to check out their sibling’s eardrum. And we had some healthy and some really ewwy eardrums. A great anatomy lesson that one! Nothing quite like the real thing when comparing a healthy ear drum to an unhealthy one!

When we were done, Micah decided to role play that he was the doctor – commandeering Dr Wellington’s seat for the moment.

By the time we were done, I was laden with multiple scripts. Turns out that three of the kids had some serious infection. I’m not surprised as this cold has lingered and lingered. I don’t like antibiotics and only use them when absolutely necessary. But with a flight trip coming up (we are going to Sun City thanks to granny and gaa!) and the fact that they’ve all been full of cold for a month, I figured we’d rather clear those poor ears now else they’re certain to be excruciatingly painful in the air. I was comforted, however, to be reminded from the kids’ med records that Micah has never had antibiotics in his life until this point. A far cry from Kiera who had a ton of antibiotics before she was even 10 months old and then grommets too. But, she has been antibiotics free since she was 2, according to our doctor’s records.

Since I had all the rug rats with me, I thought it was worthwhile to get a photo altogether. Meet our fantastic doctor who has known each of our kids since they were mere dots on a sonar scan and rejoiced with us every time in the awesomeness of new life! Neville Wellington:

Now here’s praying that I remember to administer the stuff and that it all works well.

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