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March 2014 – a month of family

Finally!  The month we’d been waiting for since flights were booked in 2013.  March!  The Ozzie family were coming.  Last time we saw them was Christmas/New Year 2011/2012.  And, BOY, did we miss them.  2 1/2 years means kids grow a lot and life marches on with birthdays missed and absences-of-the-heart that are sometimes more achingly hard to bear than we’d like to admit. 

But, 5 1/2 blessed weeks lay ahead of us and come the last day of February we were more than ready to welcome the Newills home to SA.

Waiting with GREAT anticipation at the airport…



Look!  Look!  I see them!


First batch!




Second batch!




Arriving home and climbing into food.  Yum yum!



Lunch (would you believe it – Craig and Kerry arrived and then off they went to Coricraft to sort out their couch covers!  Yup – vintage Newills straight off the plane and I LOVE it!)


Saturday saw us in one of our favourite places on earth – Skye Cottage, Onrus!  Ah!  Kerry brought glo-sticks for the kids, so guess what they did that night?


The next day, we were in the pool at H&A..




Well, Dads were in the pool and moms were yakking by the poolside.


(and a certain dad was teasing a certain daughter…)


Dinnertime in Onrus – crazy kids!


Swimming at Mermaid’s Pool – aka Dawie’s Pool



Mesha was VERY perturbed by her human mother swimming with those strange goggles on!


This was one little girl with a very sore foot – she stood on a sea urchin and managed to get about 10 spines embedded deep into her foot.  Poor thing!




This picture cracks me up – it’s another “vintage Newill” shot.  My brother teasing me.  That smile on his face is all brother-teasing-sister-delight!


We left Craig, Kerry and the kids in Hermanus for a couple of days alone with Granny and Grandpa.  Hard for me to do!  I didn’t want to share! Smile  But they had a lovely time – riding horses, visiting friends and so on. 



When they returned, they spent time with us, the VBs and then with us again.  We were the official train station!  Craig and Kerry know just about the entire of Cape Town and so breakfast, lunch and supper dates were par for the course.  It meant we got a little more school work done.  And sometimes it meant babysitting for us.  But, thankfully, it always meant that I got to catch snatches of great conversation with them in the early or very late hours of each day.  Blessed conversation.  What a blessing it is to have them in my home when I can grab these moments. 

Not the most flattering photo on the planet – BUT – a picture of some of the evenings we got to share.  Ah!  I miss these so much. 


Thankfully, they didn’t gallivant every second of every day.  We managed to squeeze in a few touristy things with them, too.  Like a visit to the Castle of Good Hope:


We were supposed to have this guide for our Cape Explorers visit to the Caste last year, but things got confused and so we didn’t.  So, the fact that we managed to secure him for our impromptu walk-around was awesome.  He was great with the kids!


Woah!  Big boy!


Kids in the dungeon – thanks to flash photography we can actually see them in what was a pitch-black room!



After the castle, we went to the Company Gardens for a picnic.  The kids spent a good 1 1/2 hours playing, playing, playing…



And sometimes being filmed by random Asian tourists – we felt a little like safari animals.




Aw!  Love this cousin photo.


We got to see these theatre students come by – we’d seen them spotted around town, doing mime statue acts. 


Another day, we went up Table Mountain on the cableway.  It’s been some years since we last did this – probably a good 4 or 5 years, when Micah was still a baby.  What fun they had.  Here: a shot of the castle from the Mountain Top.


Lion’s Head.



Kerry and the cutest 4 year old in the world – little E-K.



Sam made friends with the rock lizards…



The Cape Town Stadium:



On another sunny day, we headed to Robben Island – Nelson Mandela’s former prison, now a museum.


Let’s just say that the ride over was not my favourite activity.  I can do speed boats crashing through the waves at knots, but not the lilting crawl of a charter boat.  Blergh.  Apples kept me from hurling over the edge on the way there, and vinegar chips on the way back. 





Our tour guide was a former prisoner – imprisoned for organising a government protest at his school.


Walking the halls of the prison cells…


Taking photos of Nelson Mandela’s cell…



The VBs joined us – and here is a photo of us all taken rather begrudgingly by a fellow tourist. (Spot the sun-safe Aussies in the party!)


Headin’ Home!  Oh so glad to be on terra firma, I was!


Despite visiting dozens of people in both the Northern and Southern suburbs, there was still a looong list of people they wanted to see.  So, Open Day at our house it was!  Here are some shots…







Dinnertime at our house, meant kids in the dining room and parents around the kitchen island.  And, boy, it’s noisy in that dining room!  Can you see the respect on my son’s face? And how about Jesse?


Jesse is clearly a product of his parents!


I loved the times the kids had together – so very sweet!  They played and played and played.  Here Bex is reading in the early morning to her sister and cousin Micah.


Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing.  Last photo of the Newill-Tubmans.  Smiles for the photo, tears for the goodbye. Sad smile


But, between the two – crazy family antics!


The last Cape Town weekend was choccers – A morning photoshoot for the family (taking Jesse and Katie away from camp to make it happen). Then the afternoon Open Day.  Then a Sunday pick up of kids from camp, followed by a wonderful, WONDERFUL theatre experience of The Sound of Music.  Ah!

First: photos on the beach.  Susie Leblond did another great job!



Those photos are just a few I randomly selected from our hundreds!  More can be seen at Susie’s blog: Hayes-Newill shoot.

After the shoot, my 67-year-old mommy wanted a swim.  So, she borrowed my swim dress and off she went.  She looked amazing!  Seriously hope I look as amazing at 67!


And – evidence!  Kerry does iron (if she absolutely has to!) – this was night before the photo-shoot stuff:


Sunday afternoon’s experience of Sound of Music – some very excited kids who couldn’t wait to enjoy the show!


PACKED theatre – fully booked!


(photo source: artscape)

More random family-around-the-house photos:



On some of the babysitting nights, Craig spent some time entertaining kids – iPad time…


And storytime ….


When the Newills weren’t with us, we had a fair bit of other-life stuff going one.  I ran the GWC Fun(d) Run 10km with Russ and his son Liam.  That was lots of fun.


Kiera has been plotting and planning a movie for some months now and saving up her money in order to afford filming it (location, props etc).  This was such a woeful expression as she worked on her budget that I snuck a sneaky photo.


Jesse came to SA along with a recently acquired game.  It was a throw-out from a friends’ house.  And a total trip down memory lane for us oldies.  The kids were hooked immediately and soon we were yelling, “switch it off!” for that annoying beep every time the spider ate the flower.


Our tree got a good trim in the time that the Newills were here.  It’s been needing one for years and I figured that just before it shed all its leaves was as good a time as any.  At least that way we can skip an autumn of leaf-raking. Initially, the kids were dismayed.  Their climbing tree!  But for some reason, it seemed to make it more scalable and just about every kid has made his/her way to the very top.  Like Ms Bexter here:


The Newills arranged things well – the last week of their stay in Hermanus with just family.  FINALLY, I had them to my selfish self!  Well, I did have to share with the rest of the family, but at least we were all in the same place.

My first morning was not so hot tho – this is who I woke up to in the morning:


Shudder – I don’t do spiders.  Even rain spiders.

One evening, the kids put on a dinner theatre show, with programmes and rehearsed acts.  Here Sam does a special comedy-cum-lego show. 


Too funny.


Kiera gave us her much-practised version of Matilda, the Musical’s number “Naughty”.



The others also did a few items – Micah and Jesse did a shoot-out scene.  Bex did a beautiful dance and Katie and Emma-Kate did a make-up session.  Then, Kiera and Jesse entertained us with a rendition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?






Beautiful sunsets in H&A:


My mom pulled out her old gramophone from when she was a little kid – much to the fascination of the kids and Uncle C.  And yes, Jesse is at it again!


One of the many meals together – corralling this lot is quite an achievement.


And some court time for the kids…


One of the days we all headed out the beach for most of the morning until lunch.  The kids had an absolute ball on the beach – absolute! 


Even Mr “I hate surfing!” got fully into and announced with great delight that “surfing is my favourite thing!”



These three little girls had been to the market with granny earlier – scoring these sweet hairdos, courtesy of another homeschool girl’s little R10/hairstyle stall.



And here’s the “I just got dunked by a big wave and I hate surfing again!” photo


Kirsty came out for the last weekend and brought our dear friend Liesl with her.  What a treat for us to have some good long conversations with Liesl.  A treasure, indeed!  Here she shows off her lego earrings.  She really did come wearing lego earrings!  And the boys had a ball adding all their lego blocks to her earrings, as evidenced in this photo.  All I can say is, “poor earlobes!”



It was also Kelly’s birthday that Saturday, so we all got to Skype her via the TV.  What a jol!  It was noisy and chaotic but so joyous too.  This photo does NOTHING to back up my previous statement! Smile  By that time, all our noisy people were standing behind me and all Kelly’s noisy people had been banished to another room. Smile


Dinner together.  It was really delish, but when two kids woke up simultaneously at midnight and starting puking, with two adults following a couple hours later, well, we began to suspect the chicken kebabs!


Love it, Kerry!  This here is evidence that Kerry actually ate FISH.  And she enjoyed it!


This was a couple of hours before the Big Puke.  The girls were booted downstairs to make room for Aunty Kirsty and her friend Liesl.  Everyone was super excited about sleeping in the same room.  But around 12am Becky awoke with the vomits and Micah did too.  It was quite an interesting night for the adults – first, cleaning up puke and then second, me coming down with the bug and granny Sally too.  Ew!


This would be a better night:


And another better night in terms of health, but maybe not in terms of sleeping space for poor Jess!



Makhulu and her babies!  To think that Veronica has been loving Newill babies since I was 8 years old.  Look at all her grandbabies!



We went driving to De Kelders for some cave-finding one day – we didn’t get to the caves but we did get to see LOADS of these guys:


We spent a lot of time by the pool.  This was one of those times when Craig and I looked after the 7 kids.  The best was telling Kerry that Jesse almost fell off the roof of Craig’s car – how the kids were all sitting on top, but Jesse let go of the roof rail and almost slipped off.  All the kids lied like experts and Kerry’s face was a picture of uncertain disbelief.  She handled it with good grace, despite thinking, “What!!?!!?!?!?”


Another sunset – love it!


Our very last breakfast together. 


And, always one of the saddest sights: saying goodbye.  I hate it.  And here they are, heading back to the airport.  Back to another continent – 6 hours of time zone and a gazillion miles away.


Every time it is hard to say goodbye.  But honestly, it really does seem to get harder each time.  This time, it took me a good month to start to feel like I could tackle life again.  Life outside of my head and heart, that is.  In fact, as I write this, there is so much in my heart and mind that I’ve been pondering on for the last few weeks.  So much impacts in so many ways.  But, so many of these thoughts are still very muddled and need so much more time to reflect, pray and grow. So, for now, I’m slowly getting back into it all again  – “it” being “life”.  School is picking up in intensity and frequency.  Blog posting happening again.  Life continues.  And I am so very grateful for this visit.  This visit and Skype.  Very grateful for Skype.

October 2013

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  My worries and prayers for our country centre around lost souls, the crime, the political turmoil, the socio-economic issues.  But, seldom are my concerns about our environment, except for its preservation.  We truly live in a beautiful place that shouts out praises to God with every sunrise and every sunset.  October month of 2013 was one of those months where we got to enjoy so much of Cape Town’s beauty.  My heart feels full right now as I look over these photos and recognise the blessing that they are.

In no particular order: our October…

We visited Cape Point one weekend.  It was one of those spur-of-the-moment family outings that we like to take at times.  Beautiful scenery and lots of fun to enjoy.


Craig and I have been having lots of fun with the pro-HDR feature on our phones which takes two photos of the same scenario within quick succession and then knits them together to get the best lighting across the entire shot.  Of course, if your subjects move while you are doing it then you get all sorts of fun photos – like this one:


We totally splurged and ate at the restaurant there.  Yum yum!



Katie’s creation after her sushi:


We really had a blast:








Kiera found an empty bottle, so she wrote a note and popped it in.  Guess what – if anyone finds her note and the bottle, she’s offering a free book to them.  That’ll be fun if anyone does find it.  Somewhere on a beach in Cape Point!



Heading towards Red Hill after our day at the Point:


And the view from Red Hill itself.  Love it.


The significance of this photo is that it was Kiera’s first time back at kids’ club after a term out for being ill.  Her illness affected her in strange ways, including creating ridiculous levels of anxiety.  She braved it back and, while she’s had a set back or two illness-wise, she’s not stopped going to kids’ club.


On another weekend, we joined the Sutherlands on a 4×4 trail in the dunes on the West Coast.  It was a superb day – cold and windy, but what a jol it was driving Craig’s Disco 3 up and down sand-dunes.


Seekers had a brief appearance at CUM and Exclusive books.  We spotted these guys on their shelves, but they were soon sold out.  They’ve not replaced them as far as I know.  People keep asking about where to buy them – the best way to get them back onto the shelves is to request that they get there.  Phone the stores! Smile  They all have Seekers on their computer systems and can order with stock in store within days, but it takes a request to get it going. 



October was our first hint of warmer weather – and the kids had a blast running in and out of the sprinkler, since the pool was still a little wintery-green!



A visit to Dad’s office:


Bowling with the Grade 5 girls!


A medieval party – loved by all!


My first race in 10 years!  I ran the Gun Run 10km with Russel and his son, Liam.  What a jol!  I felt strong enough to run the 21km, but felt it best rather to train more and leave the 21km for early next year.





Sunday afternoon pile-ups with Dad.  Always fun.


Someone turned 7 with great delight!




Cape Explorers kept us busy this month with some awesome outings.  We went up the loooong trail of stairs to the grave of Just Nuisance, the dog of war-time fame.  On our way down we met these navy trainees doing what is apparently like the US’s Navy Seal training.  They had to run about in that awfully heavy suit and then they had to tackle the same stairs we had just gone up and down – the same stairs that had left our legs like buzzing jelly!  Kudos to them, I tell you.


We started the walk with a special gift to Karen our wonderful organiser.  Tears all round!



Peers’ Cave take two – we loved this!




Bathroom renovations of September were finally finished and ready for some photos:



Home-time activities this month included card-making…


raising funds for the Lost in India initiative.


Cape Explorers at Intaka Island:





Minion cupcakes for a birthday boy!


And a birthday dinner with a certain birthday girl.


And then a few nights later, the birthday boy got his birthday dinner!


This was also the month when the homeschooling community was blessed with a visit from Niki Daly – acclaimed SA author.  He read from his latest book to us (the award-winning The Herd Boy).  It was wonderful and the kids absolutely loved it!



Kiera was blessed to chat to Niki himself.  She was the one who initiated contact earlier that year, so it was super for her to finally meet him in person.


I had a bunch more photos that, for some reason, would not load – so this is it for October 2013!  A wonderful month, indeed.

First Time for Snow

We’ve been promising the kids for 5 years now that we will take them to see the snow in Ceres.  Every winter comes … and then goes before we quite make it.  The promise is held over until the next year and the pattern is repeated.  But when Craig’s brother took his kids and Katie this weekend and then we heard from friends it has been the best snow in a very long while, we decided to be spontaneous for a change and head off to the Matroosberg Mountains. 

What a great time!  We took cousin Holly along and headed out early in the morning on the N1 where we could already see snow-capped mountains in the distance.



We listened to some of our favourite stories on CD (thanks Classical Kids Collection and Sonlight!) with the first two requests being for Song of the Unicorn and Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage. 

Soon enough we were through Ceres and on the familiar road to Klondyke Cherry farm.  Years ago when I was a teen, my family used to “farm-sit” Klondyke.  Our friends were the farm managers and every June/July winter holiday they would have a break on the coast and we would come to Klondyke to look after the farm in their absence.  I have such fond memories!  Going with my bestie, Carol-Lynne for the first time at 13 and then 14 and 15.  We would play endless games of cards, Scrabble, Pictionary and Balderdash.  Wimbledon was a huge highlight.  We’d spend hours following the ball across the screen.  It got tricky to follow sometimes.  The ancient TV didn’t get great reception, so sometimes it was difficult to see the white ball in and amongst all the fuzzy white TV-snow.  And if the room got too warm, which it often did with the awesome roaring wood fire, the TV would lose its colour.  So, we’d have to run a fan behind the TV set to keep it cool and keep the colour.  Totally not the big flat screen experiences of today, but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.  I still remember the charades games we played in the lounge.  The horse rides we took on the farm and the neighbouring farm, Hillcrest.  The snow fights.  The long walks.  Eventually, when I was 16, my then-boyfriend-now-husband came along on these farm holidays.  So it was awesome to see Klondyke and the house again after 20 years!


Sadly, it looked all closed up and unused.  We don’t know the new farm managers and even if they live there anymore.


But, Klondyke was not our final destination, despite the smattering of snow still hanging around.  We were off to the Matroosberg mountains in the background of this photo below:


And we were not the only ones!  Loads of hopeful 4×4 families were waiting to pay to drive in the private nature reserve that is the Matroosberg.  We waited for quite a while!  And had to queue for a while for the loo too.  The kids loved the loo sign which read “4U2P” – it was hilarious watching them read it out loud and then have the meaning dawn on them slowly! 


Finally it was time to drive. Now, hubby has pretty much zero 4×4 driving experience. And these roads are scary.  I didn’t take any photos of the really scary bits because I was bracing myself against the door with my eyes tightly shut! But here are a few: the first stretch…




There were moments when, even if I had tried to take photos, they’d have been of the car bonnet (hood) only, because that’s how much of an up angle we were at!

We stopped at a few spots along the way and played in the now melting snow.  If we’d been there two days before it would have been just a blanket of snow everywhere!  But we had more than enough to play in and it was a jol!


We built a little snow-buddy-bear for the car on the way up…


The kids ate the snow…


Craig had loads of fun pelting his kids with snowballs!


And the kids were fully into the whole experience!


Me too!  I feel like I look like a snowman in this photo with all the extra layers on and my big jeans too!


Cutie boy!


Trying to rid himself of snow ball residue!


Cousin Holly eating snow…


Kiera, post hit!


Love this … “here, you take the ammo and fire it …”


“Sure thing!”


Katie with her plate of food…


Yum yum!


We made another snow man. 


LOVE this photo – Sam is trying to prove some family resemblance between him and the snowman.  Gappy teeth, anyone?



Love the icy treads:


And then Craig and I did snow angels – got him on video and me on stills.  What fun!



Katie wanted to do it too, but her expressions were just hilarious! The snow was COLD and she grimaced through the whole thing!



We found ourselves sinking quite deep from time to time.  A far cry from the kind of winter snow I experienced when living in the far north of the US, but still exciting for my little family – the kids have never seen snow before!


Driving downhill wasn’t quite as scary as driving uphill.  If these downhill faces are anything to go by, you can only imagine how scary the uphill was!


Since car-snow-man #1 only managed to hold onto the car for so long, we built another one quickly. 


This bear hung on for a good while before eventually she too found herself bounced off!



What fun we had coming back – through rivers and over boulders.  Craig has been planning on doing a beginners course – something tells me that he can skip that one now and move straight onto the advanced course!


Our car – christened Roxy (Rocksy) after today’s trip – well covered!  All the rock-climbing, the river-crossing and the mud-splashing experiences plastered little boy grins all over my hubby’s face!  I love seeing him enjoy boy-experiences so much!


Back at the lodge, we had a late lunch and the kids had a jol tackling Craig on the lawn.


Home again, home again, this time along the Bain’s Kloof way (we came via the R44 the first time) – we listened to more stories and eventually I succumbed to sleep while the kids listened to Adventures in Odysseys. 

What incredible fun!  In some ways I’m glad it took us this long to get around to getting to the snow.  We all got to go.  The kids are all old enough to remember.  And we got to head way up into the mountains thanks to the 4×4 we’ve only had for a couple of months. 

July Joys

All the joys of July!  Yes, I’m playing major catch up, since it’s already September.  But here we have it. 

I attended an information meeting at The Vine School one evening and got to see these amazing works-in-progress.  Beautiful hey?  I think Van Gogh would be proud of his SA students.


Our house is never without an actress or actor in role …


This is a happy face after finding out she won a little online drawing competition at the Story Warren


The boys spend every Tuesday morning with “Debbie-down-the-road”.  It’s officially known as Debbie Day here: never mind that the boys spend more time with Debbie’s boys, Nathan and Jake.  When we go to pick them up, the girls like to use this transport combo:


This month Kiera had her Western Province trials competition – here she is with a couple of her teammates.  They all did well, with Rachel (on the left) coming second overall!  They all made the Western Province team which meant that we were heading to Uitenhage for Zonals (inter-provincials) in August.


While Kiera was doing her competition, we farmed off the others.  It’s no fun for them sitting for hours while they wait for their sister to do her 1 minute routine!  Methinks these boys are happier out on the sports field than cooped up in the musty hall!


We got to visit the Maayan family and had the privilege of seeing Baruch’s amazing talent at work.  He has been doing sculptures for a biblical farm in Paarl.  This one is of David.  It’ll be cast in bronze soon.


For Kelly: this is the view from the Maayan’s house.  What a blessing from the Lord in this last rental especially!


Part of July was school holidays, which meant Holiday Club!!



…and with school holidays comes Storyteller’s Evening.  This year the kids made up their own stories with this roll-the-dice game.  They had a ball:


They had some stories read to them and then shared in a yummy supper.  Would you believe that it was the middle of winter that night? Yes, they’re lying on a mat OUTSIDE.


Us moms stayed where it all made far more sense: inside near the food!


Funny kids:


Soon we were back at Lunch Bunch and in the swing of things – swap evening for lunch time and it’s the same pic!


Lunch Bunch was at our house this month.  Some perfect weather for fireside reading:


We celebrated Mandela Day all week just about!  We read through the kids’ version of Long Walk to Freedom over that week.  As always, amazing discussions about apartheid and forgiveness ensued.  Beautiful.


At LB we did a whole lot of Mandela Day stuff:





And soup-making.  The older kids made a delicious minestrone soup that we passed on to Caren Falconer who gave it to the car guards in Meadowridge.



On Mandela Day itself, we did our usual thing – handing out free hot chocolate to passers-by.  But this year our neighbours joined us with their free hot dogs, cooldrinks and sweets.  And Kiera upped the ante a bit by decorating our cups in COLOUR slogans Smile 







Berny is from Germany and is Tami, our neighbour’s fiancé.  The kids love him to bits.    IMG_1793

The neighbours invited their friends to help out, so it was quite festive and we ended up causing a bit of a traffic jam!


But lots of people got their hot chocolate, sweets and hot dogs – it was especially rewarding to give it to people in desperate need.


Here’s the team:


This year it was quite poignant as Nelson Mandela had been very ill at the time – with everyone holding their breath, expecting to hear the news of his death.  It caused deeper questions and the revisiting of raw emotions.  I shared a little about it over at Story Warren with this piece: Hope for the Rainbow Nation.

The month of July started with this fun picture…  Thanks to Laura and her brother David.  Would you believe that these young adults were once students of mine?  Laura was in a small group that Craig and I led for some years and David had the misfortune of having me for a brand-new teacher.  They survived to tell the tale, it seems!  More importantly, however, is that Laura and her family have had some profound impacts on our lives and so it was their family that I named the main characters of Seekers of the Lost Boy after.  Yup, Simon, Kim, Nic, Jemma, Rachel and John Ward are named after these two Wards and their parents, Kathy and Herb. 


We had lots of Cape Explorer fun in July.  First at Rondevlei and then later at Silvermine.

Rondevlei for the birdlife.






This picture is a feat in itself – Katie (below) is standing up on the top of that tall tower (see above) – she is terrified of heights and especially of steps with gaps between them, or ladder-like stairs.  She made it up and down without a squeak.  So proud of her!


Our group of girls:


Silvermine hike:




The boys and their castle/fort…


Kiera and Lucy-Mae chatting in the tree.


We disappeared for a quick weekend away towards the end of July – Hermanus is always a spot of relaxation.  Mom hasn’t been well though and this weekend she felt pretty bad.  She is still feeling awful – please pray for her.  We have yet to get to the bottom of her nausea and anxiety. 


We also managed to fit in a short visit with these two special ladies.  Lorna and Betty were missionaries for decades in Kenya.  They started schools and taught the gospel wherever they went.  They’ve written a few children’s books telling the tales of their journeys.  We are busy reading one now – I hope to review it soon and do a giveaway of some of the books. 


At the end of July, I had the privilege of chatting with Lynwen of CCfm about Seekers.  It was fun being in studio and seeing how the DJs do all the sound engineering too through their digital system.  The girls came along and got to sit in studio.  It turned out to be not such a good idea, as between Kiera’s coughing fit and her accidently playback of video in the middle of the interview, I ended up being quite distracted! 


The girls had fun though and took a bunch of photos – some of which came out ok! Smile


You can listen to the interview here:

And the last feature for July?  It would be my new running shoes! Smile  Not my normal blog subject matter!  But, since I started up running again earlier this year my old shoes have been killing my feet.  I’ve been wanting to move towards flat soled running shoes with the idea to eventually run with vibramfivefingers.  They’re those weird-looking individual toe-shoes.  But, apparently they ROCK.  And since I have always preferred running barefoot, they make total sense to me.  So, long story short, I went for “inbetween” shoes to get my legs and feet used to the idea and these crazy bright yellow (so NOT my style!) shoes are what I walked out of the store with.  Why? Because they were the most comfortable by a long shot.  And wow!  What an awesome time I have had running.  No sore feet anymore.  Yay!  I’m still only running a max of 5-6km but it’s becoming a lot easier on the ol’ lungs and legs.  So, blog-worthy they are because anything that makes me want to sing its praises usually finds its way over here! Smile 


Ad that’s it for the July round up!  Happy August next!

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