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Hazy Days

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A few of my favourite things

These guys drive me nuts sometimes, but they also provide me with so many opportunities to thank God. Today is one of them – siblings enjoying each other.

Micah and Katie having a morning picnic:


Kiera and Sam playing Ticket to Ride:



I’ve sooo many blog posts waiting to be written – my birthday, mom’s birthday, fun with the Hayeses, starting up school and more….  But in keeping with my resolution not to let the computer interrupt more important tasks in the day (a habit I too easily slide into) I’ve ended up spending very little time at the computer, aside from the essential school stuff and bill payments!  Facebook only gets my attention once in a while, and that’s just because I have it on my cell phone.  :) 

However, I will have more time in the evenings this week to dedicate to posting pics :)  It’s pretty much the only bonus of not having Craig around in the week.  Craig is off to do his MAP course in Accra, Ghana.  Which means that something is likely to break, explode, infest or get lost in our house.  As things tend to do when he is away.  And it means that I will have to be even stricter on myself about getting to bed on time, since it’s all too easy to wile away the time when I’m home alone at night!

But it does mean more blogging – potentially!  So keep an eye out!

In the meantime, enjoy these fun shots I caught of my kids the week before last.  Their latest craze is everything cowboy, thanks to Kiera’s obsession.  While I spent the last week of holidays working hard on prepping for the school year, they spent many an hour playing cowboys.

I caught a glimpse of these two through my lounge window and couldn’t help but take a photo…


and then another one, when I saw the three stooges together … 🙂


Too cute!

Heat = haircut

Today is insanely hot.  Quite literally BURNING hot.  I just went outside (2pm) and felt like my skin was on fire within 5 seconds of being outside.  It’s hot.

It’s been hot since this morning, and while I was reading to the kids, with Sam-the-furnace sitting on my lap, my poor boy was dripping sweat.  His nose was completely beaded up and sweat rivulets ran down the back of his neck.  He was one unhappy boy.  We could’ve wrung out half a pool from his mop of hair.  He was not happy at all.  So, I mentioned cutting it.  He seconded it.  Seconded with great enthusiasm.

So, we cut stories short (we’ll finish them tonight when it’s a little cooler) and got to cutting hair instead. 

This is the mop before… lift up those layers and it’s pouring sweat underneath.




The mop after –  aka the mopping up of the mop.


Oh sweet boy of the shorter hair. 

P1030053-1 P1030056-1

and then…


yes, my son got hold of the scissors and chopped a huge chunk out of his hair.  Oh dear!  Oh no!  Oh what do we do?!  The solution?  A number 4 all over for you my boy.  Prison here we come. 



actually, he looks quite sweet 🙂 even if you can still see the line from the chunk he cut!


ETA: hot doesn’t begin to describe today … at 3:30pm today, my temp gauge in my car (after driving for 15 minutes) read:


needless to say, we skipped baths this evening and opted for a long swim instead.

Sam, Sam, the Packers Fan

While in Hermanus, and while granny and grandpa slipped away to Cape Town for a couple of days, Samuel commandeered grandpa’s favourite hat.

It went everywhere with him – a permanent fixture on his head! 

There is loads of history in that hat.  I was a Rotary exchange student in the US in 1995.  Our town supported the Green Bay Packers with much gusto.  When they won the ’97 Superbowl, my host parents came to visit us, bringing with them a bunch of championship caps over for the men in our family.  Little did I know at the time, that, 12 years later, my own little man would carry on the Packer support at the tender age of (almost) 3!


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