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We’re bible-believing Christians seeking to live godly lives – failing miserably – but ever thankful for the grace of God who has saved us through Jesus despite our attempts at “goodness”.


UPDATED:  Since writing the intro below our kids have grown a whole lot.  Since then we’ve changed the name of this blog from Hayes Happenings to Hazy Days for deep and frivilous reasons.  To find out more, read here: Of Hazy Days and Name Changes

FIRST PUBLISHED Nov 26, 2007, updated Oct 14, 2011

One purpose of this blog is to have a family record of our lives that we can enjoy and share with the kids as we all grow older.  I don’t do photo albums or scrapbooks, but I do enjoy journaling and taking photos, so blogging became the best way to “chronicle” the lives of the Hayes family.  It’s become a relaxing hobby that I enjoy and as the years have passed, I’ve included some of the fun things that I so enjoy learning about online – like crafting ideas, outing venues, home schooling information (particularly in South Africa), recipes and more.

Another purpose is to be a light to the world – we want to be transparent about our beliefs, viewpoints and lives as Christians.  So while I (and occasionally “we”) blog about life in general we aim to be honest about our experiences: both the good and the bad.  That means that while most of our posts chronicle the good memories, there are many other posts that focus on our struggles and failings as parents, spouses, friends and more.  We are certainly far from perfect – which is why we recognise that we cannot possibly expect to come into the presence of God on our own steam.  From time to time we explore the questions surrounding faith, the bible and who Jesus is and what he means to us.  We hope and pray that this blog will, at the very least, cause people to ask significant eternal questions.  At best, we hope that it will encourage those who come along and visit here and point them towards Jesus.  In fact, if you want to know more, head to Two Ways To Live.  It’s what we believe – that there really is only two ways to live…

Now that you understand the reasons behind this “life chronicle”, come and meet the family….

Daddy Craig: ROD of G4S Cape Provinces and Free State, South Africa; CEO of Hayes Household

Mommy Taryn: MD of Hayes Household

Daughter Kiera-Lee: chief mommy’s helper & mischief maker

Daughter Katie: assistant mommy’s helper & co-mischief maker

Son Samuel: sweetest smiler & chief climber

Son Micah: busiest toddler and new chief climber

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