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Since first investigating vaccines in greater depth, I’ve found the statement above hugely challenged.  Of course, I’ve heard and read the many anecdotal accounts pointing to horrific side effects of vaccines.  And, like many, I’ve been suitably disturbed, but somewhat sceptical of accepting a concept based solely on anecdotal evidence.  Which is why, a couple of years ago I started digging deeper and deeper into the issue.  I’ve watched hours of Dr Tenpenny’s research into the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Research) very own documentation of vaccine trials, studies and cases – discovering a multitude of discrepancies and alarming evidence supporting an anti-vaccine stance, despite the evidence coming directly from clinical trials accepted and passed by the FDA.  I’ve also spent hours (possibly months, if you add up the hours) reading, reading, reading – articles; case studies and more.  Each time I read, I am more convinced that vaccines as they stand, are misrepresented. 

Dr Tenpenny’s research calls to question some of the statements we most accept about vaccines… Statements like…

  1. vaccines are safe
  2. vaccines are effective
  3. vaccines have no or few side effects
  4. vaccines are the reason childhood diseases have decreased over the years
  5. small pox and polio = vaccine success stories

Then, I came across this article that sums up much of what Dr Tenpenny’s in depth researched, 4 hour DVD covers.  For a quicker brush up on some of the facts, I would highly recommend reading this article that challenges the statements above.  It’s an easy-to-read, but well researched article.  Please spend the next 15 minutes reading it…


All my posts on vaccines can be found by searching the category “immunisation” or searching the tag “immunisation” or “vaccination”.  I also have a page that I started (needs some updating) that explains a little of how we started down this road…


Lastly, some vaccine information snippets:

the latest snippet from Dr Tenpenny …

…Here’s important information ABOUT POLIO that doctors don’t remember–because they never learned it in the first place.

Dr. Bernard Greenberg, medical statistics professor (and later Dean of the Sch of Pub Hlth) of UNC testified before Congress in 1961 that polio, which declined prior to the introduction of the first polio vaccine, *increased* following the introduction of the vaccine, for 2 years, and authorities deliberately manipulated the statistics to cover that up–i.e., the polio vaccine was a complete disaster.

Entire countries refused it, and saw declines as well as those that did. Vaccine policy has been built upon lies, and medical "authorities" continue to point to the polio lies as the basis for today’s vaccine policy. Studies in 3 countries (US, UK, Australia) showed that polio paralysis occurred 4x *more often* in vaccinated people (D and T vaccines, pre-polio vaccine), and in the vaccinated limb. So not only did the polio vaccine NOT help polio, polio epidemics in the late 40′s and early 50′s were caused at least in part by pre-polio vaccines in the first place.


From Mothering

The incidence of measles cases has risen dramatically from 2007 to 2008 and is at its highest level in more than a decade. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 63 of the 131 new cases of measles from January to July 2008 were among those unvaccinated. The majority of the cases (68), however, were among those vaccinated. Interestingly, according to the CDC, 89 percent of the 131 new measles cases were "imported from or associated with importations from other countries, particularly countries in Europe, where several outbreaks are ongoing."1 In the face of this evidence, why is it the conscientious objectors who are scapegoated? The growing propaganda that unvaccinated kids put vaccinated kids at risk is not supported by the evidence and just doesn’t make sense as long as the vaccines themselves are effective.

Lastly  – want to see some graphs of how childhood illness have declined over the last century – before introduction of vaccines and after introduction of vaccines?  This is a site worth visiting: http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/graphs/

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