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Every Easter and every Christmas time we include many family traditions to help us focus on the reason we celebrate at these times.

So far we have started our Resurrection Eggs – a set of twelve plastic eggs that each hold a symbol of the story surrounding the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  This weekend we will have our Passover dinner where we do what Jesus did on the last night of his life.  This Jewish festival is saturated with the promise of Jesus – knowing Him makes the dinner such a celebration!  We will also bake our Resurrection Cookies on Saturday night, where once again the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is woven into our baking fun.  Sunday morning we will celebrate with other believers that Jesus is Risen!  And Sunday afternoon, the kids will go on a treasure hunt – our annual Sunday Search!

In previous years, I attached little sweets to coloured pieces of cards that represented the colours in this poem…

    • Red is for the blood he gave
    • Green is for the grass he made
    • Yellow is for the sun so bright
    • Orange is for the edge of night
    • Black is for the sins that were made
    • White is for the grace he gave
    • Purple is for the hour of sorrow
    • Pink is for a new tomorrow

But, this year, I have decided to do something a little different.  I like the idea of using colours to depict the gospel story, but felt that the poem was a little naffy, to be blunt.  So, I hit on the idea of using The Wordless Book – a gospel tool of using just colours to tell the Good News of how we can be saved from our sin.  I’ve decided to post it here now because, I’ve learnt, that posting what I do here is the best resource for me!  It’s so easy to remember and retrieve for next year (those resurrection cookies are case in point!)  Plus, it’s a great opportunity to share ideas for you to try too, if you would like!

The plan is to get the kids to hunt for different coloured pieces of felt.  I will tell them a part of the poem that tells the story and mentions the colour they need to look for.  Once they find the right colour piece of felt, they will come back to me to exchange it for a sweet treat, the next part of the poem and the next colour clue.  Once the hunt is over, we will assemble the pieces of felt together and make their very own Wordless Books.  Next year I may do something similar with beads for them to make a necklace; or a squares of paper for a bookmark etc etc.  (Any other suggestions are most welcome!)

I found this great poem explanation of the Wordless Book here – and plan to use it in our Sunday Search.  I’ve adjusted it a little with some other action suggestions as the original has a few mistakes.

Wordless Book Poem for preschoolers

  • I’m going to take a little look (Place hands up to eyes like binoculars)
  • At my little wordless book (Open hands up in “book” fashion)
  • It tells me how God loves me (Give yourself a hug from God)
  • Through these 5 colours that I see (Hold up 5 fingers)
  • The first page of my book is gold (Hold up one finger)
  • It speaks of Heaven I am told (Raise arms and hands overhead as looking up to Heaven)
  • Heaven is God’s home so sweet (Bring tips of fingers on both hands together over your head like you’re creating a roof)
  • Where there is one long golden street (Place palms together, then sway and swerve them like going down a road)
  • In Heaven God wants me to live with Him (On the word “me”, point to yourself. On the word “Him”, point up to God)
  • Where there’s no crying, dying or sin (Shake your head back and forth)
  • This dark page tells of my sin that’s bad (Cover your eyes and hang your head)
  • My sin is something that makes God sad (Make a sad face)
  • I tell God I’m sorry when I do something wrong (Kneel down on the floor with head bowed in prayer)
  • He always forgives me. Then I sing a song (Give a big smile then jump up onto your feet)
  • I sing “Jesus loves me. This I know.” (Move your hands like a conductor of an orchestra)
  • For I’ve learned that the Bible tells me so. (Open hands up in “book” fashion)
  • This red page tells of the Father’s loss (Place hand over eyes, hang your head and shake your head back and forth)
  • When He watched His Son Jesus die on the cross (Place arms and hands out in a cross fashion)
  • God must have been very, very sad (“Draw” tears on your face)
  • That Jesus gave His blood (or life) for all who were bad (Place hands out in front with palms up as if giving a gift)
  • I’m thankful that Jesus died for me too (Clap your hands in thankfulness)
  • ‘Cause sometimes I do wrong things just like you (On the word “I”, point your two thumbs to your chest. On the word “you”, point your two index fingers outward)
  • Now this page is white and bright and clean (“Pop” your two hands open in front of your with a burst of energy on the word “bright”)
  • It means from my sins I’m forgiven and free (raise hands above head in a cheer)
  • Because I ask Jesus to live in my heart (Bring tips of fingers on both hands together over your head like you’re creating a roof)
  • He’ll always be with me and we’ll never part (Place palms together, then sway and swerve them like going down a road)
  • I’m His child forever and will always be (On the word “I’m”, point to yourself. On the words “will always be”, rock/sway from side to side)
  • For now and for all of eternity (“for now” point with both hands to the ground; “all eternity” move hands and arms in a circle starting together in front of your chest and moving outwards and away from each other)
  • The green page is my favourite you know (Big smile and clasp hands together with excited smile!)
  • It means in God I can grow and grow (“God” point upwards; “grow and grow” stand up taller and taller)
  • When I read the Bible and pray everyday (“bible” open hands like a book; “pray” put hands together in prayer)
  • I’ll listen real hard and will hear Him say (Put hand behind ear and cock head to one side)
  • “I love you, my child. Now you love me too. (Hug the children while you say the last two lines)
  • Let these 5 colours remind you it’s true!”

I hope that it goes all according to plan and that the kids love it!  I’ll probably post a link here to the pictures of the how it all turned out.  So keep an eye out for the update.

UPDATE: as promised, here is how our wordless book hunt turned out… Resurrection Sunday Search

Have you used the wordless book in a fun crafty way?  Please share your great ideas here – click on comments and share the love!

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