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I’m sure there will be many more posts like these, so I’m not going to get creative with the post title! 

One of the things that I love about our Sonlight curriculum is the wonderfully ordered Instructor’s Guide (IG) that gives moms and dads great guidance and instruction on what and how to teach kids. 

For example – I would never dream of teaching my 5-year old contractions.  And I’m not talking about the variety that I’m soon to experience again.  I’m talking about the English language version.  (For the uninformed – a contraction in English is the term given to a word containing an apostrophe which is made up of two other words – such as can’t, won’t, she’ll etc.)  So, as I was saying – I’d never in a million years think that contractions are things that my 5-year old would grasp or need to learn at this stage in her life.  But, there it was in the IG a few weeks ago… a week’s worth of simple instruction and exercises with contractions.  Kiera grasped the concept pretty quickly and then we moved onto homonyms and later antonyms (I remember teaching these to my Grade 7 class years ago!). 

The “Sonlight Moment” came during swimming lessons last week.  Katie was having her lesson while Kiera read from her reader to me.  Then after that she picked out an easy Winnie the Pooh book from Jeanette’s toybox for me to read to her.  While going through the book she started to pick out the contractions – on each page she spotted one and was able to tell me what words they were made out of – including the more difficult ones like “won’t = would not”!  The lessons on contractions from weeks ago stuck!  And then she began to pick out words that could be contracted and told me what to do in order to make the word a contraction.  🙂  

I love Sonlight!  I love that I don’t have to figure it all out for myself.  I love that Sonlight stretches my child’s learning in a gentle, yet effective way.  I love the look on my child’s face when she “gets” it and this moment by the swimming pool was one of those grin from ear-to-ear moments of accomplishment for my little one. 

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